Hey guys!
So far, I have not spoken out publicly about the ongoing Curio/Hush situation.   Many creators - and people in general -  have been speaking about it for quite some time now.
I  initially received the news firsthand from Curio's customer support staff member Matchbook Monday-- a friend and talented creator of Amorous.
It's very clear to me, and many others as to who is right or wrong in this whole ordeal.
I have been standing aside, reading about this, seeing all the evidence and now I want to publicly show my wholehearted support for Curio's creator, Gala Phoenix.

As a creator myself, I can relate. Having your business senselessly ruined and dragged through the mud, is a horrible thing for an honest creator who did not do anything other than express their joy of creating. I don't believe for a minute that a well respected creator such as Gala, who is basically a veteran to SL, and goes back to 2004 would do such a thing.
To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about skins, but I had not heard about Hush until all of this happened.

Many creators, bloggers, even shoppers, are pulling together in a fundraiser, to help Gala defray  some of the legal costs in this battle.  This isn't just about Curio anymore; it can happen to any single one of us, which is a scary thought.  Mon Chéri will be participating, along with many other creators, including Amorous, Truth, Bare Rose, Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes, Loulou & Co, Luck Inc, LAQ,  AlterEgo, WetCat, Slink, Vanity Hair, American Baazar, Shush, Gos, N-core, Curios Kitties, Al Vulo!, League, Ikon, Adorkable Poses, CandyDoll, Glam Affair, Solange!,  Indyra Originals, Boom, The Sea Hole, Belleza Skins & Shapes, Razorblade Jacket, Purple Moon Creations & many many more!
Official information about the fundraiser:
"As many of you may be aware, Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid and her major source of income lost pending their outcome.

She is facing serious expenses in securing representation and taking her case to court, and the issues she's dealing with regarding intellectual property rights should concern anyone who makes a living from SL content creation; Gala's situation is one that any creator of original content could have the misfortune to find themselves in.

The object of this fundraiser is not only to assist Gala Phoenix but to show that the SL content creation community is stronger standing together; the event is planned for, tentatively, the second week of July (9-15 July), dates and length subject to change."

If you want to show your support & be up to date on the event, you can join One Voice Updates Group:
(copy and paste the link local chat)
Hope to see you all at the fundraiser!