I love and appreciate creators in SL, just as many others do, despite being a creator myself.
I'm so proud to announce that my wonderful friend : Petunia908 Pinklady is opening a brand new store! Focusing on chabby chic, deco and misc fun little things, Persnickity is now open for business!
If you want charm, affordable little goodies, vintage and shabby look you must check her out. And she's just getting started!
Her mainstore is so adorable and feminine! Must visit! Don't be lazy and go to marketplace, seeing is believing.
Because I love her so much and believe in her, I've decided to give you guys a special offer.
Buy ANYTHING you want from Persnickity worth 50L or more, and I will make sure you get 75L store credit to Mon Chéri to spend how you want :)
Please note credit will be added to database rather than direct payment, option to spend it will be available on vendors.  This offer is Limited. Please be sure to click the sign at the mainstore. It will give you a form to fill out with your transaction, LM and the rules (even though there aren't any really).

Congrats on store opening Gorgeous!♥