I've been terrible at updating the blog in timely matter, things have been crazy busy! I think I may need another assistant soon :p
Numberology fair has begun!
I love the theme of it, it's all about numbers baby!
Each number represents something. I got lucky number 1, which stands for Positivity, Pure Energy, New Beginnings, New Ventures & Strong Will.
All creators worked super hard to create items that reflect their assigned numbers!

I bring you vintage charm necklaces with little beads. Each necklace set represents one of the words. 3 charms per necklace:
  • Chinese character - don't worry I hired a HUMAN translator, it's all spelled correctly! XD (thanks merf!)
  • A pretty saying
  • More attitude for sassier ladies

Beads are color changed, loaded with 15 different colors! Low lag easy to use HUD & resizer with delete.
Mon Chéri original mesh & textures!
xox Freya