As a designer who has joined the Homeless Awareness Hunt,
I see that a lot of people are offended.
One blogger went as far as saying designers should not speak?
Oh really? How would anyone like it if someone said you, a fashion blogger, should be seen, not heard? And no that is not what I am saying.
1. Stereotyping
You give typical homeless gifts
Your gifts come in a cardboard box.
First of all every designer speaks for themselves. I'm an individual.
I chose to go another way. I chose to gave a gift that could be homemade, not break your wallet but still be beautiful. To prove a point: that not all homeless people go around wearing old dirty rags and look dirty and smelly. My box, was not a cardboard box. In fact I have pimped it up with a leopard print and put a kitty in it :)
I speak for myself. We do wear distressed jeans on daily bases, in both worlds. Its a part of style, nothing to do with homeless people. We have tattoos in both worlds. We do shop for groceries in real world, and those of us who have a house in SL do enjoy decorating it to resemble rl.
2. Not all homeless people are mentally ill! That offends me
Is alcoholism and drug addiction not an illness?
Do people who drink and do drugs not have some form of depression or some other problem behind the drinking?
Is a child who was being abused at home and run away, not traumatized?
Is a woman abused by her husband and escaping absolutely mentally fine?
Who is stereotyping now? How can anyone put a stamp on what mental illness is? It's backwards thinking. Since when depression is not a mental disorder.
This is why people get happy pills after all, to create mental balance and help them cope while they go through therapy.
Are you really offended by the poster of a homeless person sleeping outside in an alley?
Too bad, because for many that is reality.
Nobody said all homeless people are mentally ill. But who are you to judge what mental illness is.
3. I am offended because you are not helping people
The gifts are free
You are not raising money.
It's not a fundraiser. In other words, nobody is forcing anyone to contribute.
It's spreading awareness in general.
Just because the creator of this hunt is associated with Mental Health Retreat, does not mean by far he is calling all homeless people mentally ill.
No stores are making a single penny from this hunt. The point is to get people to think.
You to think.
How can you help? What can you do?
You can help by donating clothing to your local shelters, food. It's not all about money.
The point was never to make a truckload of money and give it to one place.
I will be making contribution on behalf on my store, my wonderful customers and bloggers.
I am not asking for anything. Only for people to think, before they speak.
Read Joshuans blog, before you pass judgments. Think for yourselves. You don't have to agree with me or anyone else. You are all individuals, so don't give into group pressure.
One last note. NO I have never said I am against fundraisers for individual people. Just to set record straight. I have been in several fundraisers to help specific people.
What I am saying: Why does this offend you?
Instead take this opportunity to think about what you can do to help someone out there.
Peace & Love,