нappy ηew уear!
My last creation of 2013 and first release of 2014 :)
Oh My Gacha starts today @ Jersey Shore
I've seen the set up and oh my, there is a lot of goodies at the venue!
Head over there now and start your shopping year with some great deals!
What's new for Mon Chéri?
28 pairs of panties
4 rare ones (ANGEL, Be Mine, Hear me roar & Booty)
Standard sized (xxs, xs, s, m, l & non-rigged versions included)
They are transferable so that you can trade duplicate items with your friends
or other gacha addicts.
* I do allow selling any duplicates you may have, after the event is over, as long as
it's not for profit (meaning: the same price as you purchased them is acceptable) *

Custom text in the back? UV Map for the back is included so you can make your own textures with text or maybe image.
*will not be held responsible for any damaged/broken/torn panties* :p
*modify at your own risk*
Happy Gacha'ing!
xox Freya