Got appliers for items with lace trim?
Get that annoying heavy black line around them?
Here is how to fix it if you are using the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.
↘ First go into your “Preferences”. You can do this by hitting Ctrl+P.
   Select your “Graphics” tab
   While in your graphics tab, select the sub tab named, “Rendering”.
   Uncheck “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is not enabled” as well
   as  “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is enabled”.
➁ Applier doesn't do anything
↘ Please be sure that you are wearing the correct layer prior to applying texture.          
   Mon Cheri Appliers are usually made for the top layer. If the applier is for a bra layer,
   it will be named "bra" applier. Otherwise use a top. After you apply that layer from the
   menu of your tangos (click on your implants menu -> clothing -> dresstop (or) dressbra)
   Once you applied the correct layer, click the HUD button on your screen.
   Another issue - please make sure you are purchasing Tango and not Lolas 2.5 applier.
   All tango appliers are marked tango.
➂ I only received a notecard
↘ This means you probably unpacked your applier, which unfortunately breaks it.        
   Please contact me for a new one if you purchased it via marketplace.
     *INWORLD* purchases can be self redelivered. Just go to the mainstore and click on
    redelivery terminal to open web redelivery page for your purchase history.
➃ Can you give me texture for the applier xxx so i can use it on xxx brand boobs?
↘ No. Please don't ask this, questions inquiring this will be ignored. The notecard  is NO MODIFY, NO COPY to protect the texture and my work.
➄ Applier is the wrong color
↘ Maybe but before we go down that road, please make sure that you do not have your bra layer tinted via the breast HUD. To do this please see your Lola’s instruction manual.
 Or follow these steps:

↘ "edit" your breasts
↘ tick in "select texture" in your toolbar
↘ zoom in on your breasts and select the "layer" underneath the top layer
  (it can take a bit of fiddling before you find it, it will be named  "Lolas:::Tango:::Bra Layer" which you will be able to see under "general" tab)

↘ once you selected bra layer, click on texture tab.
↘ as you can see, in texture bar you have 2 little boxes, the texture and the color. if the color is anything other than white, click on it. color picker will come up. choose the white color and click "select" or "ok"


You have now untinted your texture and everything should look normal.
➅ How the size of your breasts impact the fit of clothing and how to make adjustments to fix it.
↘ The size of your breasts can impact the fit of your clothing. The smaller your breasts are, the smaller the texture fit is. Dually, the larger your breasts are the more stretched the clothing becomes. If you prefer larger or smaller breasts and find that your applier clothing does not line up with the system layer of the clothing please follow the directions below.
Before editing anything PLEASE make sure you your tangos are properly fitted. You should never have to re-position them and rotate into crazy angles just to accommodate an applier. I've heard that some designers recommend rotating and positioning.. but I say don't do it. It's a bad advise simply because most designers use templates made for Lolas, which means they should fit a standard sized Lolas which are rotated and positioned just right! A good applier will never call for total repositioning of your breasts, pulling them wayyy into your body etc. Your Lolas natural cleavage lines shouldn't be buried inside your avatar.
Correct rotation of your implants can vary slightly between <0, 90, 92> (out of box) to <0, 90, 85> more or less. (position depends on avatar and implant size)
While wearing your breasts, with the correct clothing layer and applier enabled, go into edit mode on the breasts.
    ↘ Select “Edit Linked” in your edit window.
    ↘ Select the texture tab, also in your edit window.

    ↘ Click on just the layer of your breasts that the clothing is applied to (please make sure edit linked is still selected).

    Using the “Repeats Per Face” and “Texture Offset” options, adjust the numbers to get the right fit. I suggest changing the numbers manually in 0.1 increments instead of using the up and down arrows.

➆ I’m wearing one of your applier tops and parts of it become invisible underneath the hair I am wearing.
Unfortunately this is because of “alpha glitching.” When two alphas are on top of each other (ex: alpha hair texture and alpha top texture). This is something that is a Second Life issue and at this point in time, there is no fix for the problem. If you happen to know of one, please contact me, the input would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact me if you need anything else or some help.
Special thanks to Aranel Ah, owner of Boom, for writing a part of this guide.