"Falsies" Manual
  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Fitting
  • 3. HUD + Extras
If you already know how to edit linked parts and fit the simpliest of eyelashes, you can skip this until step 3 :) Otherwise keep reading!
1. Prepping
These lashes were modeled to fit avatars eye snuggly without leaving any gaps, unlike our old traditional prim lashes. They are mesh, unrigged, editable of course.
Get on a posestand & set your windlight to something nice and bright.
The easiest way to go about the fitting is to put on neutral makeup. If your skin already has makeup, it probably has eyeliner. Sometimes it can be difficult to see "black on black" so I would advise to change texture of your eyelashes using HUD to something lighter and more contrasting like white, or put on the "fitting helper - makeup cover" included in the pack.
I've decided to go with option 2.
As hideous as that looks, it helps me see things better, and I can still see a trace of my eyeliner underneath. The image above shows already fitted lashes, and more or less how they should look on your eyes, for most natural results.
2. Fitting
When you first unpack your box, you will see 3 objects. "Lower" lashes, "Upper" and "Upper+Lower". Please wear the two pieces together, or only "Upper+Lower"
Please add the attachments instead of wearing them, to ensure you don't remove any other attachments by accident. Right click in your inventory and "Add".
When they first attach.. it might look like this:
(sorry about bad resolution, the image saved as jpeg and had some loss of quality)
Right click on your lashes and select "edit" :
First thing, check "edit linked parts" and click once on desired eyelash piece to fit:
Slide Into position using move control arrows (blue up and down, green left to right, red back and forth)
You shouldn't have to rotate them a lot, probably a little bit though. Our shapes are different, tweak using move, rotate and stretch controls to make them fit perfectly.
You can stretch them if you have big or small eyes, with the same method above, only replace move tool with stretch tool:
If you resize one upper lash, and can't get the other one to look the same, simply copy over the values, this way you will have two symmetrical lashes, and not one bigger/smaller than the other.
In fact another thing you can do, is fit only one side of your lashes. I like to fit left side first.
Copy "Position" and paste to the other eyelash. Change the newely pasted position Y angle to negative (minus). All other values (X and Z) remain identical, you can safely copy them.
NOTE: if you fitted right side first, and pasted position, you will have to change the Y angle to positive value (remove minus).
To mirror "Rotation" symmetry, it's very easy as well. Because the eyelashes are perfect mirrors of each other, mirroring rotation is very easy.
Fit one side of lashes, the X rotation is important, it must be mirrored.
If your left eyelash is rotated 4.00 degrees on X axis, you will want to rotate your right eyelash 356.00 degrees
(360 degrees is a full rotation, simply subtract your eyelash vale from 360)
(if you fitted right eyelash first same thing applies)
The Y and Z values remain the same, so copy those over from left lash to right.
Done and done! That's it for the math class :p
Last, ensure there are no gaps anywhere by examining your eyes really close.
TIP: If you are using viewer such as firestorm, do open the camera controls and Ctrl+Shift+C and lower the view angle value. It will allow you see your avatars face/eyes at much closer distance.
Reset this value back to normal by clicking the little "D" button right next to values.
I'm sorry for this long "tutorial" filled with maybe boring details, but I wanted to ensure that everyone can fit these, even if they never used "edit linked parts" before.
3. HUD
The Hud is very easy to use. Just click on different textures to apply different styles & colors of eyelashes. You may notice that the last textures on each of the style, is white.
This is so you can edit the eyelashes and color them any way you like using regular sl color picker
Simply edit your lashes  (right click, edit) and go to texture tab. (img above)
Next to the texture tab there is color tab. The default white color, means there is NO color applied.
Click the tab to open a color picker. Select any color, go crazy! :)
Just be sure that when you want to use textures from the HUD again that you untint the eyelashes back to NO COLOR (white, image above). Otherwise the textures will appear miscolored.
If you want different eyelash texture on upper lashes than lower, it can be done!
Wear the "upper" eyelash set and apply texture.
Wear the "lower" eyelash set and apply a different texture.
Attach upper eyelashes. Now you have a mix of two different styles.
If you're feeling even crazier, set your lashes to full bright, add glow, tint in neon colors. Could be fun for pictures or parties at midnight. Everyone's gonna be like "whoa who's that girl with neon pink lashes?!" :D
It's really a matter of taste, not something I would recommend for every day look!
I hope to NOT see glowing eyelashes everywhere I go in SL :p

Last but not least, if you are trying to be script-cheap, please be sure you delete scripts from copy, not the original lashes. Please do not rename the child prims, only rootprim, if you must, doing so will break connection with the HUD.
Should anything go wrong, please use redelivery terminal to get another copy. Contact me with questions via NC. If you actually read this tutorial, please put down "lash help woman!" somewhere in your notecard :p That way I won't have to send you here to read it!
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Freya Olivieri
Mon Chéri