Glitch Skirt 101

I decided to write this mini tutorial for some of the newer people in SL who may not be familiar with things such as the standard glitch skirt. With mesh around, not everyone understands the basic old-style mini dresses. Sometimes even the older ones of us need a little bit of help.

Editing a glitch skirt is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Of course it should be modifyable before we can even start! Most creators allow mod for the attachments.

This may be what you see more or less, when you first unpack your dress and wear the glitch skirt. Take a deep breath! Set your environment to default midday or anything with good neutral light.
Find a posestand and sit on it.

First step is to right click on the skirt, and chose "Edit" from the pie menu, then click.

At the moment, all prims are selected, back *and* front. Check in "Edit linked parts
in the build menu tab.

Now single click the front prim. It's the only prim selected now.
With the little arrows in the center you can push the prim
up/down (blue arrows), left/right (green arrows), back/forth (red arrows)

For now we only want to stretch the skirt. So tick in "stretch" instead of
"position"in the build tool window. You'll see arrows vanishing,
and little points show up instead.

Before doing anything, be sure that "stretch both sides" is unchecked.
Once it is, you can start by slowly dragging the points to where they need to be.
In my case I dragged the z point (blue) from bottom up, to line up with the skirt.

You can drag the sides inwards or outwards as well until you have a perfect match!
The skirt should be well centered.

And we are done :)
Now you can do the same for the back of the skirt! It's as
perfect as a glitch skirt will ever get in second life.
I hope this helps.

xo Freya